Job Search Strategy




Find and narrow down jobs you are currently qualified for by doing a search of what’s on the market now, make sure it matches what you’d like to do and what you’re good at.

 Company Target List




Prioritize companies of interest by looking into the detials of their company cultures and how they suit your lifestyle choices.

Your Elevator Pitch






Be prepared to market yourself at all times, don’t let your first impression be the last impression you leave with a potential connection!


Perfect Your CV



Recruiters spend less than 30 seconds reviewing candidate's resumes.

You might be awesome, but if you don’t reflect that you won’t land an interview.

Use this simple worksheet to get yourself started.

You can also use online Resume Builders to update or build your resume.







Interview Preperation





When you land an interview, make sure you are ready to impress your interviewer. Use this check-list to ensure that you’re ready!