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Company interview: OEM-BP

Representative - Renata Bodorin, general manager.

Description: Foreign capital enterprise „OEM Bike Productions” LLC

The company was founded in 2007 as the first production unit of bicycles processing and assembling in Republic of Moldova. The unit is built and organized in compliance with European standards. Currently the production unit of the company has the capacity of painting 15.000 frames per year and we are still looking for enlargement in the future.


  1. What does the company do?

 Its a company that provides high quality services of painting frames and forks for bikes.


    2.  How is the company different?

Its the first company of such kind in the Republic of Moldova, we are unique through the services we provide and quality level.


  3.  What kind of positions do you have?

At the moment we need an Office Manager. Open positions are in production, marker and cleaner.


  4.  Why potential candidates should choose this company?

Stability, modern mentality, respect for the legislation, we pay the taxes and salary on time in exchange of a proper work attitude from our employees.


  5.  Are you open to work with youth?

We are a young team, age doesn’t matter, attitude and abilities do matter.

 6.  What qualities and capacities do you look for in young professionals?

First of all responsibility and flexibility. We are a dynamic team we learn by practice.     Its not a job to sit on facebook.


 7.  What qualities should young people develop?

They should be educated and polite, to know romanian language, but also english which is an advantage. To have motivation to work, we teach them the rest if they are determined to learn.


8.  What recommendations do you have for youth in the work force?

First off all to be more modest, more educated, less rude. To read more, if they want to grow, to show interest. To not send CV’s without getting informed first. To come to the interview if they were invited( some of them don’t come and don’t even answer the phone). To approach companies with professional emails not This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." style="text-decoration: none;" data-cke-saved-' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy92681 + '\'>'+addy_text92681+'<\/a>'; //--> , or natashka@…these don’t look serious. To be honest and hardworking.

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