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Company interview: Forum Moldova


Representative - Marc Mazureanu, owner.

Description: A modern centre designed for social events, trainings for youth, workshops, cultural exchanges, conferences and seminars, localized in the heart of Chisinau with all facilities included.

Forum Moldova is a new location, established for accommodating youth and events related, cultural, educational and professional.


1.What does the company?

Our company offers accommodation services for trainings and conferences. We are open for all bidders that organize trainings, to offer them a space that would meet all their needs in terms of facilities. It can be a one day conference, or a longer training. We offer conference room, accommodation space, lunch and everything that is necessary for an event. It’s a space that offers the best facilities for the organization of cultural and educational events.


2. How is the company different?

There are certain major differences:

  • central location

  • democratic prices

  • personalized attitude towards clients

  • we are not a corporation, it’s a family business, so all services can be discussed and adjusted.


3. What types of positions do you offer?

The business it’s not big, we have a manager who administers and we have receptionists who take care of the space, starting from reception to cleaning.


4. Why youth would chose to work here?

It’s a very dynamic environment, constant intercultural communication, networking with many interesting people, everyone who works in this company is encouraged to get involved in other activities, where they have priority in participation.


5. What qualities do you look for in young people?

First quality: To be as one should be, this includes responsibility, punctuality, flexibility and motivation. We motivate youth and encourage them to get involved in many extracurricular activities that would develop them and if one day they decide to stop working with us and go for something else, we understand them and encourage to find something they would like more.


6. What recommendations do you have for youth looking for jobs?

To look not only for financial benefits, because the quality of work that they can provide at first is very low and the employer loses a lot more on his employee than he gains.

The second is to be open to voluntarism and internship programmes, this way you benefit a lot more than the employees. When you become good in the activity that you perform, you can set up a price for it.


7. Where did the idea of opening a centre came from?

I have a couple more of businesses in Moldova, that somehow cover a part of services that we offer here, but there is only accommodation, hostels that currently work but without a conference room for the youth to organise trainings, conferences, and so we decided to open up a training space, which is not a 5 star hotel, but has decent conditions for accommodation and trainings.  Once I get back from my studies abroad, I intend to open up a school, or an educational centre focused on narrow fields, and so I will need such  centre.

8. What are the plans of the company?

The company will offer services to beneficiaries, but will strive more for its own projects, we will open a school of professional training on specific fields like, conflict management, public administration, staff retraining.


9. Some final recommendations for youth?

To stop wasting time on terraces, pubs and bars, but to look for activities that they envision for themselves and need to be worked on, and to get involved specifically. If they like business to go for a narrow field, instead of taking everything, if they like public service, to choose some institutions for an internship and not be afraid of personal initiatives. To try to overcome any problems, despite the nature of the problem. Unfortunately overcoming problems in Moldova involves certain legal regulations that don’t correspond to the actual time, so youth needs to be very clever upon dealing with these legal regulations that will allow their projects to happen.


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