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Music and Drama


This Guest Thursday event welcomed Nicu Tarna, vocalist of Gândul Mâtei rock band, theatre actor and TV show presenter. Besides music and drama, Nicu wove together several themes which include national identity, communication, existentialism and culture.

Nicu captivated the audience with a heart to heart conversation, starting with: “Life is a continuous intuition.”

Often we ask ourselves: “why do we live in a certain way? There is no general answer to this question,” Nicu says, “but we should seek for an answer coming from inside, for everyone its individual.”

Nicu gave advice to the participants, from his own experience:

  1. There is no such thing as a key to success.

  2. Its very important to be honest with yourself.

  3. Don’t try to please everyone, its impossible and not worth it.

  4. If you want to succeed you need to know who you are, what language you speak.


Besides giving advice, Nicu also shared his thoughts in a very inspiring  top 15 quotes:

           About music:
  • “We have our inner music and it's very important not to distort it.”

  • Music is a state of your soul that you transmit. Make sure that your audience understands you.

  • The biggest achievement of all time is music. Everything else is an element that help us in daily life, our emotions are pretty much the same, our conversations are always about the same things, and we like mysterious things more than the simple ones.

  • “Music allows you to detach from everyone else and from all your problems, when you listen to music you can build your own world.”

    About globalization and national identity:

  • “Globalization is beautiful, it's natural, but we shouldn’t forget about national identity.”

  • “We are all anonymous.”


Notable quotes from Nicu:

  • “I believe God is a woman”

  • “Give yourself a chance, you can’t help someone else until you fix yourself.”

  • “Fear is what runs the world, not love, not courage, fear.”

  • “We avoid doing so many things because of fear.”

  • “To live sober is the most beautiful and natural state.”

  • “The better we treat ourselves and others, the more we’ll be able to change.”

  • “Don’t be indifferent towards each other.”

  • We can’t be equal, there is a system that works like a pyramid, we have the elite, the leaders and the mass.

  • “Chekhov said:  ‘people change clothes, technology, but human essence doesn’t change.’”  

    Of course as one of the most known musicians in Moldova,Nicu was asked about his musical experience, he told the audience some things about the time when he just started with the music, for example, back in 96’ digital communication didn’t exist, he didn't had a cell phone, but verbal communication was a lot easier, nowadays we have so many ways to connect with each other, we post everything online so we don’t have what to say in person. Today people get more and more attached to their devices instead of paying attention to the real life happening right now,  our existence itself.

    Being a rock star and a well known public person, Nicu has to face unrealistic approaches a lot. Many people come to him and ask for money, or the exact method on “how to become a famous singer.” According to Nicu, there are some simple steps that can help you achieve your dream of becoming a singer and starting a band.

    A Rock Star’s advice to aspiring musicians:

  1. Buy instruments.

  2. Work on your voice.

  3. Find people who will support you.

  4. Don’t just be good enough, be brilliant.

Of course this steps are useless if the talent is absent, so before reaching out to your dreams and desires, make sure that you are capable of it, that you are talented and most importantly, that you will be able to bring something meaningful to people.

When talking about age, Nicu said that there is no specific time to start :“Nicolae Labis died at 21 and he did a lot of things, Nelson Mandela started at 67”, follow your intuition, it will lead you to your right path.

“Music is infinite. Music is colour” , Nicu said.

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