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Gastronomy and Entrepreneurship


This event welcomed Alexandru Golik, owner of Matryoshka restaurant. Alexander has tried everything in life, from photography, to real estate appraisal. Today he is an entrepreneur, he’s the proud owner of Matryoshka Tea Room.

The theme of the evening was making dreams and goals become reality. Every person has a dream or a goal in life, Alexandru’s was to open his own business. He traced his path and the path of any dreamer by telling short stories which displayed relevant strategies on how to set a goal and achieve it.

  • A story about success and mentorship.

The main story portrayed David, a young teenager who got arrested for stealing a bike. David met a man who became his mentor. Encouraged by his mentor, David learned to think about his dreams in the context of setting specific goals. After half a year of strategic planning, David came to his tutor with the fancy bike he always wanted that he got by honest means. When asked to explain how he succeed this in just half a year, David said he thought about what he has to offer, posted announcements about what  he can do, and soon people started calling him. He started making money and saving, that's how he achieved one little dream, to have a fancy bike.

Of course there were challenges along the way, David was faced with his friends’ jealousy. He engaged them too, gave them a chance to make money by delegating his tasks. While David made 10$ per hour, his friends made 5$ but they didn’t have to plan, get clients, or coordinate any activities.


From David’s story Alexander gave participants a recipe to turn their dreams into goals and goals into reality:

  1. Identify what you like (even for a moment).

  2. Find a mentor, a person who will guide you.

  3. Never say no to a job, every new job is an opportunity.

  4. Never say no to people you meet, the more you open yourself to new things, the closer you will get to new opportunities as well as reaching your goals.

  5. Find people with the same interests and mindset, learn from them.

  6. Visualize your ideas and projects, make a dream map if you have to!

  7. Spend your time efficiently, read, meet people, talk, learn, get out there.

  8. Be determined and follow your dream confidently, don’t let people discourage you.

  9. Read more books, always stay busy.

  10. Communicate, network, be positive and open to new opportunities.

The second story Alexander shared with participants was about a simple man, an author who dreamt of becoming a millionaire. In order to achieve that he used the strategy of visualization. He drew a check of one million dollars and put it all over his house, it was everywhere he looked. One day, the man was taking a shower. While in the shower he screamed. When his wife asked what’s wrong, he said that he had a revelation, he discovered how to make that one million he has been dreaming about!  The author had the idea to sell one million books at the price of one dollar each, and so he realized his dream. This author happened to be J.R.R. Tolkien, author of “The Lord of the Rings.”

  • Make yourself a dream map!

Another tip that Alexandru recommended was to plan your dreams using a visualization board. He was only 12 years old when he made his first board. Years later, in university, he found the board and was amazed to see that 80% of his goals and dreams become a reality one by one, in the same exact order that he put them onto the visualization board. Since discovering this tactic, Alexander uses this technique all the time, he has many visualization boards.

There were many positive messages, one was: “never stop growing, don’t hold on to people from your past. Move on, expand yourself.” Sometimes you outgrow your mentors and in those cases you need to find new people to help you with your new ambitions.

You can make all sorts of plans, but “without action no plan will ever work. Take the first step and keep working on your plan. Make this a habit.” Alexander gave a simple example: if you want to be a personal trainer start by doing one push-up a day, the next day do two and so on. Everything starts with the first step!

  • More of how Alexandru turned his ideas into reality.

Alexandru is also a sculptor and photographer. Through this abilities he visualized his dreams. At 14 years old he first thought of opening a restaurant, but forgot about this idea for a couple of years, until he remembered about it, constructed a business plan, found people to work with him, and opened his restaurant Matryoshka.

He worked as lead photographer for the top magazine in Moldova, but only after a 3 month unpaid internship and many tryings to get the job. After two years of working there, he quit, just because he needed to keep growing, to find new challenges and interesting projects.

“Don’t limit yourself to your comfort zone, look for inspiration, communicate with successful people, learn from them, work on your ideas and you will definitely succeed”, Alexandru said.


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