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How to choose your major

Have you finished high school recently and don’t know what to go for next?
Or are you simply worried about choosing the right major?

Our third Guest Thursday event was exactly about this subject, with Marc Mazureanu as our guest speaker. Marc is from Moldova and his educational achievements are quite impressive. Starting with a bachelor’s in Political Science at the State University of Moldova, Marc did not stop there.

       He continued on the path of international education and became actively engaged in the civic society with big dreams and goals to bring positive change to the community around him. He completed two masters, one in Poland and another in Germany. After claiming his masters degrees, he took several internships. Afterwards he taught for a couple of years at Rutgers University as a part time professor, while also working on his PHD.  Soon he will begin teaching at a University in Germany while participating in research at the same time.

    With such a wide international education experience, Marc advised the Guest Thursday participants to always look for opportunities and never be afraid to take them. Even if it seems difficult to obtain a great scholarship, it is not impossible. With a good amount of work and a well prepared application, you can do it!
His two greatest suggestions were:

  1. Work hard focus on what you want to achieve, even if that means cutting down the time you spend with your friends or on other activities.

  2. Be determined to succeed and always be positive in the belief you will make it. Even if you don’t get the first, second, or even third scholarship you apply for, learn from your mistakes and keep going!

         When choosing a major, Marc advised his listeners to go for something that not only they like, but one  that  is also profitable. A specialization will help support them in life and give them more useful skills and abilities to succeed.  He encouraged young professionals to start working now for something they will be proud of in 10 years time.

        “ If you started going your way, don’t give up, even if everyone keeps telling you, that you will not succeed, persistence is the key that will help you achieve your goals.”

        “ Don’t close yourself off, because of some cliches than make you feel not good enough. You need to realize that little things like physical appearance, financial status, or education don’t matter as longs as you are determined to work hard, improve your self, progress and succeed.”  

         One of  the most important suggestion that Mark addressed was: “Be insistent”. Any company that you will go, or programme that you will apply, ask all the questions you have, if you want to do the best job, show your interest and motivation, and be remarked.

           And last but not least is social capital, be friendly and respectful, but selective at the same time. Know where and how to invest your time and make it worth it. As for the application process, Mark introduced us a new concept of “collective wisdom”, which means, show your application to your friends, teachers, and even grandmother and keep improving it to be as good as it needs to be.


       Analyze yourself, determine your skills and values, make the choice you feel is the best for you.

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